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Welcome to the Phoenix Cluster wiki.



What is Phoenix?

Phoenix is a supercomputer facility maintained by the UW-Madison Department of Chemistry.

Who can use Phoenix?

Use of the cluster is reserved for educational and research use related to the UW-Madison Department of Chemistry. If you are member of the department performing research, collaborating with a member of the department, or enrolled in a class that uses Phoenix you are entitled to an account.

Requesting an account

Please send an email including your name, email address, and your reason for requesting access to

Cluster usage rate

Use of the default and short queues on phoenix incur a charge of $0.007 per CPU hour. This means that a 2 core job that runs for 10 hours will be charged $0.14. These charges will be made to the group your account is associated with unless you define an alternative group and fund number at the time you submit your job using the charge argument with the built-in submission scripts.

Connecting to Phoenix

You can connect to the cluster and submit jobs via command-line based ssh access or by using the web-based interface.

Citing Phoenix

Anyone who uses this facility should acknowledge its use properly in publications.

This research was supported in part by National Science Foundation Grant CHE-0840494
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